Band of the Day: Westkust

Ok, yes, today is the first day you're probably back at work or school (or both) after a nice relaxing long weekend. Or, for folks outside the U.S., it's just a Tuesday -- but, hey, that's pretty rough too. The cure is brilliantly fuzzy shoegaze from Sweden.

Westkust fits the bill nicely. I stumbled upon them via the exceptional Swedesplease blog. Check out Westkust's song "Queen" there, or at the group's MySpace page.

They're headed in a direction much more along the lines of My Bloody Valentine's vintage buzz, rather than the pseudo-80s, synth-infused vibe of groups like The Depreciation Guild. Both post-rock routes are awesome, but it's great to hear this sort of DIY raw fuzz again.

For much more shoegaze and post-rock, check out our Post-Rock channel. Happy Tuesday!