New Channel: Femme Fatales

We've got a brand new channel here at Future Perfect Radio: FEMME FATALES, celebrating today's best indie female vocalists.

This channel is basically nothing but women vocalists: Neko Case, Ladyhawke, Bat for Lashes, Rilo Kiley, Cat Power, Florence + the Machine, Mirah, Lykke Li, Tegan & Sara, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Anni Rossi, Alela Diane, Camera Obscura and a ton more!

Get listening here or by clicking the image at right. And you can check out a sample hour's playlist from the new Femme Fatales channel below. Happy listening!


1. The Submarines -- "You Me and the Bourgeoisie" (from Honeysuckle Weeks)

You'll probably recognize this tune from the 7 billion Apple commercials you've seen in the last few years, but Blake Hazard (and hubby John Dragonetti) are not to be missed. (Anyone else get an anti-consumerism vibe from this track? Odd that it would be used to sell a device that probably no one actually needs).

2. Samantha Crain -- "Lions" (from You (Understood))

Hey, just added this earlier this week! Samantha Crain has a real captivating voice. She hails from Shawnee, OK and You (Understood) is her second LP. Check her out if you're a fan of Jonna Newsom.

3. Bat for Lashes -- "What's a Girl to Do?" (from Fur & Gold)

Oh Bat for Lashes. My soft spot for Natasha Khan and Co is a mile wide. The video for "What's a Girl to Do?" was my intro to Khan and hooked me instantly. Since then, Bat for Lashes has become one of my most-listened-to artists on Last.fm. Enough said.

4. Sleigh Bells -- "Rill Rill" (from Treats)

This may be my favorite track from Sleigh Bells' new album. It's got a great hooky beat and isn't as in-your-face as other tracks. Alexis Krauss' voice is mezmerizing. "Wonder what your boyfriend thinks about your braces..."

5. Tegan & Sara -- "Call It Off" (from The Con)

Here's another sweet track from a group usually a bit more in-your-face. "Call It Off" (featuring the Quin sisters) is quietly somber but still liable to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Here's another quick 10:

6. Tilly and the Wall -- "Pot Kettle Black" (from O)

7. The Bird and the Bee -- "Meteor" (from Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future)

8. Neko Case -- "People Got a Lotta Nerve" (from Middle Cyclone)

9. Sia -- "Day Too Soon" (from Some People Have Real Problems)

10. Au Revoir Simone -- "Another Likely Story" (from Still Night, Still Light)

11. The Like -- "Walk of Shame" (from Release me)

12. Morcheeba -- "Blood like Lemonade" (from Blood like Lemonade)

13. Joanna Newsom -- "Emily" (from Ys)

14. Sarah Jaffe -- "Vulnerable" (from Suburban Nature)

15. Mirah -- "The Garden" (from Advisory Committee)