Project Playlist: Great Lakes Soundtrack

Future Perfect Radio has over 25 channels, thousands of artists and even more songs. It's a lot to take in and maybe it's tough to find your feet. That's where Project Playlist comes in. At (ir)regular intervals, we'll break out one of our channels and post the first 10 tracks that come up in the radio player. This way, you get a more in-depth look at what's playing on our channels!

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Featured channel:

1. Deastro - "Day of Wonder" from Moondagger

What a perfect way to kick off the Great Lakes Soundtrack playlist. Deastro is indie electronica producer Randolph Chabot who, upon returning to his childhood state of Michigan, was inspired to start Deastro and create Moondagger. Fans of MGMT, M83 and Animal Collective should take note of this up-and-coming musician.

2. Anathallo - "The River" from Canopy Glow

Another Michigan indie favorite, Anathallo's Canopy Glow from 2008 follows the chamber pop group's 2006 ground-breaking debut Floating World. The seven-piece, hailing from Mt. Pleasant, is a perfect find for fans of Mason Proper, The Decemberists or Sufjan Stevens.

3.Matthew Dear - "Juice" from Spectral Sound, Vol. 1

Though born in Texas, Matthew Dear found his musical feet at the University of Michigan and rose to fame from Ann Arbor. The club DJ knocked the indie scene on its ass in 2003 with Leave Luck to Heaven, his debut LP. "Juice" appears on the first volume of Spectral Sound's compilations.

4. Benoît Pioulard - "Ragged Tint" from Temper

Another Ann Arbor resident, Benoît Pioulard -- the on-stage moniker of Thomas Meluch -- has been experimenting with the limits of indie rock since the early 2000s. In 2008, Pioulard followed up his debut LP Précis with Temper, from which "Ragged Tint," a track all Grizzly Bear fans woud love, comes from.

5. Lightning Love - "Warmer Days Ahead" from November Birthday

Michigan's Lightning Love pairs unique female vocals (similar to Lykke Li) with lyrical subject matter delving into dark and introspective waters. On the surface, their music is light and cheerful, making for an interesting blend. Future Perfect Radio interviewed the group's Aaron Diehl a few months back, find it here.

6. Child Bite - "Never-Ending Mountain Slammer" from Fantastic Gusts of Blood

This punkish outfit from Ferndale in Michigan should appeal to fans of Deerhunter. "Never-Ending Mountain Slammere" comes from the group's fourth album, Fantastic Gusts of Blood from 2008.

7. Sh! The Octopus - "Red State Soil" from The Carrot Chase

Detroit's Sh! The Octopus takes the cake for one of the best (or silliest, or worst, depending on your temperament) band name ever. The group's indie pop should earn them a place in the music collections of fans of The Shins, The New Pornographers or Wilco.

8. Blasé Splee - "Everybody Needs a Way" from Blasé Splee

The name may be "ghetto French slang," it may not. That's not really important. What is, is that Blasé Splee's indie pop is addicting, well-assembled and fun. Blasé Splee is the group's self-titled EP.

9. Kinetic Stereokids - "Twisted Thoughts" from Kid Moves

The Flint, MI act Kinetic Stereokids have worked their way up from jamming in basements to releasing one of the most anticipated albums of 2009. I'm referring, of course, to Kid Moves from which "Twisted Thoughts" is taken. It's "junkyward folktronica" at its best. More here.

Tune in to the Great Lakes Soundtrack channel on Future Perfect Radio to hear all of these tracks -- and tons of more great music -- straight from the great state of Michigan.