Project Playlist: Lollapalooza 2009

Future Perfect Radio has over 25 channels, thousands of artists and even more songs. It's a lot to take in and maybe it's tough to find your feet. That's where Project Playlist comes in. At (ir)regular intervals, we'll break out one of our channels and post the first 10 tracks that come up in the radio player. This way, you get a more in-depth look at what's playing on our channels!

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Featured channel:

Future Perfect Radio will be backstage at Lollapalooza this weekend (more on that here), so it's only right that Project Playlist takes a look inside our Lollapalooza radio channel.

1. Andrew Bird - "Mx Missiles" from The Mysterious Production of Eggs

Mr. Bird, a Windy City hometown hero, is one of the biggest indie names on the Lollapalooza ticket (especially since the Beastie Boys pulled out). The whistling singer/songwriter made a big splash with The Mysterious Production of Eggs back in 2005. More recently, Noble Beast is one of this year's strongest efforts. We're unsure about how well Bird's subtle skills will translate to Lollapalooza's festival atmosphere, but we're looking forward to being proven wrong.

2. Bat for Lashes - "Siren Song" from Two Suns

Natasha Khan, the wonderful talent behind Bat for Lashes, rocketed onto the scene with "What's a Girl to Do?" from her debut LP Fur and Gold back in 2006. With Two Suns this year, Khan beat the sophomore slump and gave us a rich supply of luscious indie pop hits. Bat for Lashes is one of our Top 5 acts to see at Lollapalooza (more here).

3. Dan Deacon - "Woof Woof" from Bromst

Seems more and more people are jumping on the Deacon wagon everyday. The electro-infused songwriter sixth studio album Bromst is certainly our favorite, narrowly edging out his previous work Spiderman of the Rings. Like many of his tracks, "Woof Woof" is filled with inviting synth beats, unexpected melody jumps and vocals that, well, you just won't hear anywhere else. He should thrive at Lollapalooza.

4. Fleet Foxes - "White Winter Hymnal" from Fleet Foxes

Though not our favorite Fleet Foxes track, "White Winter Hymnal" seemed to seal the group's popularity last year--encapsulating everything you could get from the Seattle group. A folk, back-woods, sitting-round-the-campfire feel without sacrificing our rock roots. It's hard to believe Fleet Foxes was released more than a year ago -- one would think that after all that time the group would have some new tunes to show off. But maybe they need the right time to whip 'em out, like a huge multi-day festival...

5. The Decemberists - "The Sporting Life" from Picaresque

Picaresque is definitely our favorite Decemberists album. Except maybe Castaways and Cutouts. Or, maybe except The Crane Wife. Well, and Hazards of Love. Uhm. Well, suffice to say that we love Picaresque and "The Sporting Life" is a big reason: it perfectly sums up our youthful ever-successful, never-embarrassing sporting adventures. We caught The Decemberists live in Millennium Park a few years back and they were amazing -- expect the same in Grant Park. Another one of our Top 5 acts to catch at Lollapalooza.

6. No Age - "Keechie" from Nouns

No Age's impressive noise pop earned Nouns on countless "Best of 2008" lists, and for good reason. The fuzz and noise dominates the listener. These guys should rule the day at Lollapalooza.

7. Lou Reed - "I'm So Free" from Transformer

Well, here we come to it. THE guy playing at Lollapalooza. His tumultuous career is unmatched in the music world and with nearly 40 years of music to pull from, Reed's live set should be memorable to say the least. "I'm So Free" comes off his sophomore, and possibly best album Transformer, which was released by RCA way back in 1972. (For more classic underground rock like this, check out AccuRadio's Vintage Violence station!)

8. Passion Pit - "Fold in Your Hands" from Manners

We've written and raved so much about Passion Pit already, this feels like walking over well-beyond-trodden ground. Suffice to say that Passion Pit produce killer synth-dominated indie pop. Their debut LP Manners is amazing. You should go listen to it right now, if you haven't already. (And if you haven't: what's taking so long?) Another one of our Top 5 acts to see at Lollapalooza. Expect to find an interview from them here late Friday.

9. Santogold - "Creator" from Santogold

The collaboration between Santi White and John Hill was a stunning success, pulling ahead of slurs about ripping off M.I.A. to establish themselves as a formidable name in the indie club/dance scene. "Creator" was the song that launched the act to fame, and still sounds pretty darn good here in 2009.

10. Silversun Pickups - "Lazy Eye" from Carnavas

Before there was Swoon, there was Carnavas. The 2006 album took the music world by storm with its nostalgic combination of shoegaze and alternative rock (harking back to the Smashing Pumpkins). Though "Lazy Eye" has sadly been played to death in the meantime, it's still a killer track. Silversun Pickups are another one of our Top 5 acts to see at Lollapalooza, and we may just be bringing you an on-demand interview from them on Sunday.