The Vivian Girls' sophomore album due in fall

What? What's this? A new Vivian Girls album? I thought we were all just getting tired of their first LP, and here they come along with something new to look forward to! Sure puts those bands that need 2+ years (or 3+, I'm looking at you Muse) in between albums to shame. So congrats to The Vivian Girls for this, as if we needed more reasons to love them.

The punchline? Apparently the band "took their time" with this album, where the last one was really rushed -- at least, according to guitarist Cassie Ramone. Wait, it gets better. That means, this new album took a whopping 6 days to record instead of the 3 needed to record their self-titled debut.

The album, titled Everything Goes Wrong, is scheduled for release on September 8 through In The Red. That's the artwork above. It'll pack 13 tracks and clock in at no longer than 45 minutes -- that's double the length of their debut which was 22 minutes. Indeed, "the songs are longer," said drummer Ali Koehler. "I think it's moodier. I think we have basically the same influences as on our first album, but with more influences added."

So to sum up, The Vivian Girls took an amazingly long time (6 days; 1 year since debut LP) to record a really long (44 minutes) album. What's not to love?