Featured Artist: Passion Pit

It's now well-known that Boston's hit electronica act Passion Pit began as Michael Angelakos' present for his girlfriend on Valentine's Day. Chunk of Change, the band's first EP, was that gift. As you might expect, the EP went from a private gift between lovers to falling into the hands of Frenchkiss label execs and artists like Death Cab for Cutie.

Passion Pit, now a full-fledged band, toured with the latter and signed with the former. Here in 2009, Passion Pit released their first full-length Manners on May 19. It's a spectacular album, filled with melodic pop deliciousness. At the heart of the album are dark lyrics, but it'll take the most focused of listeners to pick up on the somberness beneath the layers of sunny electronica and falsetto vocals. You'll find whatever you're looking for in Manners, it's an album that adapts to the listener. Try it out for yourself on Future Perfect Radio, where it's playing in full.

In case you missed that last line, I'll repeat myself: Passion Pit's Manners is playing IN FULL on Future Perfect Radio. Every song. Cause every song deserves your full attention. Launch any of the channels below to hear the album.

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