New Music Adds, 6/9

Here's the run-down of all the new music you can hear at Future Perfect Radio. To hear any of these (and more!), pick your channel at left and get listening!

Americans in France - Pretzelvania
Ape School - Ape School
British Sea Power - Man of Aran
The Builders and the
Butchers - Salvation Is a Deep Dark Well
Charlene Kaye - Things I Will Need in the Past
Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band - Outer South
Daniel Watters - Words EP
Findlay Brown - Love Will Find You
Frontier Folk Nebraska - Pearls
Hecuba - Paradise
Impossible Arms - Ripped in No Time
Mono - Hymn to the Immortal Wind
Polly Scattergood - Polly Scattergood
Pontiak - Maker
The Rhone Occupation - Would It Kill You to Talk This Out
Sonic Youth - The Eternal
Swan Lake - Enemy Mine
We Are the Storm - We Are the Storm EP