Featured Artist: Charlene Kaye

Born in Hawaii, but also having lived in Singapore, Hong Kong, Arizona, and Michigan (where she currently resides), Charlene Kaye is a songwriter whose music is as eclectic as her diverse geographical identity. Classically trained in the piano but self-taught at the guitar from age 13, she was keen to incorporate classical elements into her songwriting which often features violin, cello, upright bass and piano. But her songs are just as likely to include dobro, a Wurlitzer organ or even castanets - making her style just as multifaceted as her orchestration and often difficult to categorize. Her orchestrations, often grandiose like Rufus Wainwright ("Andromeda," "Magnolia Wine"), can also be sparse and haunting ("Bonnie Parker," "Human), all tied together with her rich alto, which bears traces of Jenny Lewis, Regina Spektor and even Feist. Released in October, Things I Will Need in the Past explores notions of time as a malleable object and the idea that everything has a cyclical nature, especially the ins and outs of love. Read more here.

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