Featured Artist: Double Dagger

Double Dagger is a punk band from Baltimore who use the deceptively simple instrumentation of bass, drums and vocals to create a cacophonous wall of sound that is as aggressive and noisy as it is articulate and undeniably melodic. The group released their third full-length, More on May 5. It's the first for the band on Thrill Jockey, and their closest attempt yet at capturing their ferocious live sound and explosive energy. If they haven't quite hit their stride yet, you can't really blame them—they're busy guys after all. Drummer Denny Bown tours with Dan Deacon's 15-piece band, while bassist Bruce Willen and vocalist Nolen Strals are graphic designers who created Thrill Jockey's "Records Toreism" Record Store Day exclusive LP cover.

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Double Dagger - "We Are the Ones" off More [Live]

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