Silversun Pickups tease us, again

With the April 14 launch date for Swoon bearing down on us (though not nearly fast enough), Silversun Pickups just can't help but tease us with tastes and glimpses of the sure magnificence that is to come. First it was that MTV preview, then it was "Panic Switch" itself, and now it's a still-frame from their first video off Swoon (for "Panic Switch"). The video is set to debut on Monday, so be sure to check back here for that.

Get more info (though not much more) from Dangerbird here.

In more personal news, I just preordered the new album on vinyl and will now be checking my mailbox everyday like Calvin waiting for his propeller beanie cap. But that's only because Insound was so gracious in sending The Decemberists' Hazards of Love a few days before it was properly released. I've been spoiled.

But not as spoiled as anyone receiving the Silverun Pickups Swoon deluxe package at the hefty price of $100. But with it you get a special edition vinyl version of the record, a lithograph of the album art, a t-shirt, and some of Brian Aubert's hair. Anybody ordered this swelled basket of SSPU goodies?