Friday Twee-Pop Playlist!

Here's a cheery playlist for you on this sunny Friday (well, sort of sunny here in Chicago). This playlist was created entirely randomly by our Twee-Pop channel on Future Perfect Radio.

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1. Fireflies - "Butterscotch"
2. The Cardigans - "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"
3. We Swim You Jump - "Sparks Fade Out"
4. Miniature Tigers - "Last Night's Fake Blood"
5. Kai Reiner - "Are You Okay?"
6. Slaraffenland - "Watch Out"
7. Bears - "Letting It Go"
8. Prototypes - "Sexy"
9. Belle and Sebastian - "You Don't Send Me"
10. Say Hi to Your Mom - "These Fangs"

Want this playlist is podcast form? We're contemplating doing just that! Voice your support in the comment section (and suggest bands you think should be on the Twee-Pop channel!)