The Michigan Bug

Don't know why, but I've suddenly got an itch for awesome Michigan music. We've of course got the Great Lakes Soundtrack channel at Future Perfect Radio, filled with indie pulled straight from the The Wolverine State. But we need more, ever so much more (or, perhaps more honestly, I want more...please).

Here are 3 great bands I've recently come across thanks to Future Perfect Radio's awesome fans on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook:

Lightning Love! (courtesy of @christinajacobs on Twitter)
"Everyone I know is no good at nothing at all." What a depressing line. But it's bouncy and sunshine-esque in Lightning Love's track "Everyone I Know." The group from Ypsilanti, MI have an album out called November Birthdays out that will most definitely be on Great Lakes Soundtrack very soon. Great twee-pop tracks that pull from Au Revoir Simone's vocals and The Little Ones' happy-go-lucky instrumentals. Find them on MySpace here.

The Decks
From Grosse Pointe, The Decks remind me very strongly of The Arctic Monkeys, minus the annoying British swagger. More quaint underground charm here, with some moments of raw fuzz (their cover of "Strutter" is an especially fun listen). Find them here.

Millions of Brazilians
Maybe I'm not the last person in the world to come across these guys from Woodbridge, MI, but I have a feeling I'm a little late in the uptake. Their razor-sharp guitar licks and dance-floor melodies are like a mash-up of Foals, Klaxons and The Arctic Monkeys (can't believe I've referenced them twice in one blog post). Find them on MySpace here.

What are your favorite Michigan indie acts? Tell us in the comment section, on Twitter, through Facebook or on MySpace to get your bands added to Future Perfect Radio. Remember, you can always find great Michigan indie on our Great Lakes Soundtrack channel.


Efren on April 24, 2009 at 1:38 PM said...

Anathallo, I've just listened to one of their songs. It's awesome http://myspace.com/anathallo

Anonymous said...

I second Anathallo, and nominate my own band, Ten and Six, in addition. We're from Hillsdale and released an album and music video today.