Featured Band: Silversun Pickups

Los Angeles' Silversun Pickups have found sucecss through a musical formula that combines The Smashing Pumpkins' brand of alternative rock (not to mention Corgan's vocals, as SSPU vocalist Brian Aubert's voice is pretty high) blended with touches of lush swirling guitars, reminiscent of shoegaze and My Bloody Valentine. The result is explosive tracks, as well as laid-back efforts, that include the spiraling instrumentals found in post-rock but without losing pop likability. The comparisons with The Smashing Pumpkins are even more exaggerated in the group's new album Swoon, which hit shelves April 14. Guitar riffs and melodies seem taken straight out of Siamese Dream. Hear both Silversun Pickups' new album, and their 2006 debut Carnavas, here on Future Perfect Radio.

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Silversun Pickups - "Panic Switch" (off Swoon)

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