New Music Adds 10/02

Here's the run-down of the new tunes you can hear on Future Perfect Radio. Hear them all, and tons more great indie, on our New Music channel (click to tune in!).

These United States -- Everything Touches Everything
The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir -- ...And the Horse You Rode in On
Jay Reatard -- Watch Me Fall
Land of Talk -- Fun and Laughter
Orenda Fink -- Ask the Night
The Dodos -- Time to Die
Castanets -- Texas Rose, the Thaw and the Beast
Yo La Tengo --
Popular Songs
WHY? -- Eskimo Snow
The Subjects -- New Soft Shoes
Or, the Whale -- Or, the Whale
The Pastels -- Tenniscoats / Two Sunsets
The Dirty Projectors -- Bitte Orca