White Denim sign to Downtown Records, new LP coming in October

Austin's punk and garage inspired outfit White Denim have signed to Downtown Records. Presumably, the new label will release the group's new LP Fits, due for release on October 20. The album follows-up White Denim's debut full-length, Workout Holiday, which helped launch the group to wide recognition last year.

We can expect the group to embark on a U.S. tour in support of the new album in October as well.

Here's what we've been told about the Fits:

When a band’s first album is unpredictable enough to invoke comparisons with artists as wildly diverse as hardcore innovators the Minutemen and professorial idiosyncrasy of Randy Newman, then you can reasonably assume its been made by people who care about music. Lots of it. Jazz, punk, funk, country, acid rock, even piano ballads – all these labels have been used, accurately, to describe White Denim. Their second record is more problematic though. It has to sound like them.