The Rural Alberta Advantage Need Your Help!

One of the albums I've been most excited about this year is The Rural Alberta Advantage's Hometowns. I got a tease of the Canadian group when they were first signed to Saddle Creek alongside UUVVWWZ, and I was hooked from the first 20 seconds of "Don't Haunt This Place."

I finally got the whole album yesterday, and boy does it live up to my expectations. A wonderful blend of twee, indie pop and folk -- like smooshing Sea Wolf and The Shins together. Every song offers something different, no two sound alike but every one is addictive.

And to add to the group's coolness, they're raising money to release a 7" single. You can pledge your support (and receive really cool goodies!) on KickStart. Check these guys (and gal) out, you will not be disappointed!