Castanets to release new album in September

It may not feel that long since we were enjoying the rough folk of Castanets' City of Refuge, but that was actually a whopping 8 months ago. Let's get with it people. Ray Raposa, never one for lengthy breaks in between albums, is prepping the release of Castanets' newest effort Texas Rose, The Thaw, and The Beasts for September 22.

The new album will be released on Castanets' home label Asthmatic Kitty. I've been assured the new album is "a whopper of a totally accessible pop record." Which kind of made me groan. What the hell?

There are plenty of "totally accessible" folk acts out there, and they're not that hard to find either. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Iron & Wine and Sea Wolf, but if I wanted something a little grittier, a little harder, a little odder, I had Castanets. And now I'm hearing the new album is "catchy," "well-defined" and "clean"?

Whatever. We get to judge for ourselves in September.