Saddle Creek signs The Rural Alberta Advantage & UUVVWWZ

Two awesome new bands to bring you today thanks to Saddle Creek. The Rural Alberta Advantage and UUVVWWZ were both recently signed to the label and they're two fine choices. Without further delay:

The Rural Alberta Advantage

Born out of singer/songwriter's Nils Edenloff's exodus from Edmonton, Alberta to Toronto, Ontario in 2003 (where he was quite homesick for his native Alberta, hence the band's moniker), The Rural Alberta Advantage was begun with open mic nights, eventually evolving into a three-piece outfit with Amy Cole and drummer Paul Banwatt joining in. Their debut LP Hometowns was released in 2008, quickly becoming a blog favorite. It was featured on eMusic.com, sold thousands of copies in weeks and appeared in not a few "Best of 2008" lists. It's a charming DIY indie story. The band itself sounds a little like Sea Wolf. Judge for yourself with "Don't Haunt This Place" below.


Sure, I was once confused on how to discuss the merits of !!! with friends, but I'm at a complete loss now with UUVVWWZ. Uh-vugh-wugh-zz? The band suggests "Double U, double v, double w, z." Right. In any case, the quintet formed in 2007 in Lincoln, Nebraska and after crafting a handful of tracks, was off and touring, eventually playing 5 shows in one day in their hometown. They've been compared to Deerhoof, Captain Beefheart and Bow Wow Wow. Again, it's up to you though, check out "Shark Suit" below.