Ra Ra Riot / Vampire Weekend super-side-project to release LP on July 7

Looks like Ra Ra Riot singer Wes Miles and Vampire Weekend keyboardist/producer Rostam Batmanglij have teamed up to create Discovery, a smooth indie-electronica effort mixing elements found in both members' main bands. It's really what can only be described as a "super-side-project," and is bound cause the indie scene to blow its top (or rather, it already is).

Discovery will release a self-titled LP on July 7 through XL. The album will feature contributions from Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig and Dirty Projectors' Angel Deradoorian.

You can sample two tracks from Discovery over at the their MySpace page.

I'm going to try to bite my tongue until the album comes out, or more music comes to light, but -- being more of a Ra Ra Riot fan -- I'm a little underwhelmed. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I love Ra Ra Riot. I think out of the newer melodic indie pop acts around today, they are at the top of the crop, along with Vampire Weekend. That being said, I think Discovery is a bigger deal, musically, simply because they are breaking new territory, while Ra Ra Riot is largely working within an already established indie pop sound (although they do a fabulous job with it). I think the sound Discovery is developing is going to cause a shift in the winds of indie music, and you'll see in the next couple years that it had a big impact on the musical landscape. This is obviously all speculation, but I'm willing to place my bets on it. Stuff like these guys, Passion Pit, Pegase, I think are going to bring some emotional depth back to the electronic scene, which has been kind of on a hedonistic club tip for the past few years (which has been good fun) and is going to pull some of the traditional indie popsters away from their guitars in search of new sonic backdrops for their melodies and quirky neuroses. Again, speculation, but this is what I see happening down the line. I think Discovery is a template for indie pop in the near future. Also, I'm a big fan of hip hop and r&b, and I swear "Orange Shirt" could've been a song by The-Dream - intentional influence, or subconscious? Who knows, but I feel like these guys have appropriated hip hop & rnb aesthetics into the indie/electro pop toolkit, and I think that opens a major pandora's box of new territory to explore.