Featured Artist: Akron/Family

The members of Akron/Family keep a pretty low profile, letting their music speak for itself—which is pretty admirable really. The quartet all come from different corners of the country but ended up together (now listed in Williamsport, PA) to create "freak folk" under the moniker Akron/Family. Playing music that mashes up traditional pop music with some of the new lo-fi folk rock that's been making its way onto "Best of" lists of late (hello Fleet Foxes), the group has released four albums thus far, with their fifth coming out May 5. Set 'em Wild, Set 'em Free on Dead Oceans is a melodic collection of tracks that are smoother than some of their freak folk peers' work. Akron/Family's music, like the members, don't demand your attention—rather, it creeps into the background and sits there, happily becoming the soundtrack of your life.

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