The Builders and the Butchers inspire art exhibit

This makes total sense. I recently got my hands on The Builders and the Butchers' new LP Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well (due out June 30) and apart from being completely amazing, it's also very visual music -- both in the lyrics and the feel of the music (which is usually creepy and unsettling, to me at least). It's not surprising then that the group's music has inspired an art gallery. Check out the press release below.

In May 2009, Sequential Art Gallery proudly presents BLACK GOLD AND IRON ORE, an exhibit of brand new work by comic book artist, illustrator & painter, LUKAS KETNER. In addition to the original art, Ketner will also have limited edition prints of the new work.

Ketner's BLACK GOLD AND IRON ORE is a collection of oil paintings and digital paintings inspired by the music of The Builders and The Butchers.
This is a dream project that Ketner has wanted to do since creating the cover art for the band's self-titled album in 2006.

"[Their] music conjures a special kind of surreal imagery for me," says Ketner, in his artist's statement. "It's an alternate world that lives somewhere between the
film Oh Brother Where Art Thou and Lewis Carroll's Through the
Looking Glass."

Lukas Ketner is a freelance illustrator from Anchorage, Alaska. With writer Brandon Seifert, Ketner is the co-creator & artist for the independent comic book, Witch Doctor. Ketner has done comics for Dark Horse Presents/Creepy Magazine ("Om Nom Nom") and Top Shelf’s Steal Back Your Vote (with Greg Palast and Robert Kennedy, Jr.). He was also noticed for his tongue-in-cheek, Harlequin Romance novel cover treatment of (then candidate) President Barack Obama, which accompanied a Willamette Week editorial.