Wednesday Playlist Podcast #1

And just like that, Future Perfect Radio's podcasts are on the air. We're starting off with a Wednesday Playlist Podcast -- five or six tracks brought to you by one of our 25+ indie channels. We just launch a channel -- in this case Twee-Pop -- and use the first five or six tracks to build a playlist.

Tune in/download here.

We'll post a link where you can subscribe to Future Perfect Radio podcasts on iTunes soon. Here's the tracklist of this week's podcast:

Twee-Pop Wednesday Playlist Podcast
1. Fireflies - "Buttercup"
2. The Cardigans - "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"
3. We Swim You Jump - "Sparks Fade Out"
4. Miniature Tigers - "Last Night's Fake Blood"
5. Belle & Sebastian - "You Don't Send Me"
6. Say Hi - "These Fangs"