Silversun Pickups' "Swoon" out today!

The long-awaited day has arrived! Swoon by Silversun Pickups, the Los Angeles group's sophomore LP, is out and available today from Dangerbird Records!

Purchase from iTunes here.

I'm downloading my copy as we speak and I'll post my initial thoughts soon.

AllMusic had this to say:
"[Silversun Pickups] don't attempt synthesis or reimagination [of The Smashing Pumpkins], they merely seek continuance, acting as nothing happened between Siamese Dream in 1993 and Swoon in 2009...Silversun Pickups avoid unpleasantness to such a great extent on Swoon that they rarely shift tempos or dynamics. They merely wallow in washes of sound, deriving equally from guitars and whispered vocals, never pushing forward, never achieving any sense of momentum, just glimmering in the sunlight. It's pleasant enough, particularly when the breathy vocals fade away to leave behind cascades of guitars, but even at its best, it's nothing more than an approximation of Smashing Pumpkins at their peak, with all the interesting parts stripped away."
For those of you who already have the album, what do you think? Better than Carnavas? Disappointing? Best of the year? Forgettable? Tell us in the comment section!