John Vanderslice's new album: Romanian Names

John Vanderslice's new album is titled Romanian Names, and Dead Oceans says "it's the best record he’s made to date." Quite a boast, but they go on! The album is "a career-defining moment, a pitch-perfect collection written and recorded with the utmost care and attention."

Romanian Names wasn't recorded in Vanderslice's Tiny Telephone San Francisco studio. Instead, "he moved outside the normal" and set up shop in his basement (how is the basement of your own house not normal or "comfortable"?). In any case, it seems to have done the trick. The bits I've heard of the new album are pretty cool. I've never been a die-hard Vanderslice fan or anything, but this impresses me. Simple stuff: just Vanderslice, some background vocals, a guitar, drums and maybe a piano. Feels intimate, easy-going and very melodic.

Try out "Fetal Horses" for yourself below. The record lands May 19. Vanderslice is also hitting the road with The Mountain Goats (oh yeah). Dates after the break.

John Vanderslice - "Fetal Horses"