Featured Band: Malajube

It's interesting how different vocals sound when they're sung in a language you can't understand. Suddenly the voice itself becomes a more important instrument. It must convey all the emotion or meaning of a song through tone and pitch—the foreign listener no longer has the mere words to rely on. Such is the experience when listening to Canada's French-speaking (and singing) noise rock act Malajube. The blend of harsh guitars and French language would be interesting enough to warrant popularity for the group, but they also throw in catchy hook after hook as if they were a dime a dozen. Their 2006 LP Trompe-l'Oeil won the group numerous awards in Canada and critical acclaim. Now they're back with Labyrinthes, out March 31 on Dare to Care Records.

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Malajube - "Montreal '40°C" from Trompe-l'Oeil