This Week's Featured Artists, 3/2

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Gentleman Reg
Toronto's GENTLEMAN REG, fronted by the ecclectic singer/songwriter Reg Vermue, follows up their November EP Little Buildings with Jet Black, just released through Arts & Crafts.



Laura Barrett
Toronto's LAURA BARRETT excels at the kalimba, a little-known instrument from Africa also known as a thumb piano. Her debut LP Victory Garden finds the singer/songwriter moving into mainstream territory.



Alaska in Winter
The electro-pop dance-floor favorite ALASKA IN WINTER is fronted by Brandon Bethancourt out of Santa Fe, NM. Their sophomore album, Holiday, landed last November through Milan.



Miracles of Modern Science
Armed with violins, cellos and mandolins while donned in shiny silver spacesuits, MIRACLES OF MODERN SCIENCE aren't your typical band. Formed at Princeton University in 2004, the group blends The Decemberists, Explosions in the Sky and the New York Philharmonic.