The Sunshine Underground new album soon, new mp3 out now

One of my favorite relatively undiscovered dance-floor rock acts from Britain, The Sunshine Underground, will soon be releasing their follow-up to 2006's brilliant Raise the Alarm. These guys top anything The Kooks put out, and frankly deserve a similar level of hype as The Arctic Monkeys' (used to) receive. But then, perhaps, I wouldn't like them as much, because I have a problem with popularity.

But that is a topic for another day! Right now it's about The Sunshine Underground! These boys from Leeds are currently mixing their next album (you can get a sneak peek at what it may sound like here.)

But somehow, in between recording and mixing and touring and whatever else bands do these days, the group hooked up with FC Kahuna to pen a new track called "From the City to the Sea." Check it out below!

You can hear The Sunshine Underground at Future Perfect Radio's Across the Pond and Dance Rock channels!

The Sunshine Underground and FC Kahuna - "From the City to the Sea"