Guess the Track, Part II


EDIT: Sadly, no one had any ideas for what our second "Guess the Track" song was, so here's another hint: This group just released an album in October, luckily just before walls came down. It was on Split Records. Seriously, finding this band will be worth your while, it's a great Brit rock act.

I like this whole "Guess the Track" business, so I thought I'd make it more of a regular thing. If you disagree, please don't hesitate to loudly state your opinion. But for now, here's the next track!

Mystery Track II

Again, guess the artist in the comment section below. Bonus points if you can nail the album and title as well! I'll post some vids and info on the artist once someone guesses correctly. Need a hint? Find one after the break!

We have a winner! User Hello_Mimi guessed correctly that Mystery Track II is none other than "Snobs" by Computer Club. The British group puts out some solid dance-rock, most recently releasing Before the Walls Came Down in 2008 through Split Records. Their track "Electrons and Particles" picked up lots of favorable attention for the group. Watch the video for the track below.

Computer Club - "Electrons and Particles"