Featured Band: Ghostwood

Is, in fact, Ghostwood's debut EP solely about Pokemon? Their eponymous 2007 EP features haunting dream-pop hits like “Red Version” and “Blue Version,” which any child of the late '90s could tell you refer to the first Pokemon Nintendo Game Boy games. Indeed, Ghostwood singer/songwriter has stated that “Red Version” is about the Pokemon Trading Card Game (“I'll trade you the best one for keeps / You're playing too fast just to win”)—but the rest of the EP is not. For someone who spent too much of his childhood on Pokemon cards, this makes Ghostwood a gold mine. All collectable Japanese monsters aside, the Sydeny quintet is a treasure find for their lush, borderline shoegaze tracks alone. They've toured with Silversun Pickups, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Red Riders and Maximo Park, which gives you a good idea of the type of bands and genres they run with. The group is working on a few new singles, but a full-length can't come soon enough.

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