Featured Artists, 3/16

Here's the run-down on this week's featured bands. Find out more, including interviews, videos and tour dates, at Future Perfect Radio.

Crafting songs "into a tiny snow-globe-size universe you can curl up in and get lost for a while," FIREFLIES is a charming twee-pop act out of Chicago. Painfully unknown, Firefiles' romantincally haunting tracks deserve proper attention.
Kinetic Stereokids
Michigan's KINETIC STEREOKIDS have worked their way out of basement jams to prepping the release of one of the most anticipated albums of '09: Kid Moves, set for release on March 17. Are you ready for "junkyard folktronica"?


Computer Club
Dripping in dance-floor swagger, Birmingham's COMPUTER CLUB exude catchy dance-rock without ranging into the cliche world of mainstream Top 40s, though they're not inventing new genres either.


We Swim You Jump
The Netherlands' WE SWIM YOU JUMP emit highly-melodic twee-pop. They've been ascenting to the peak of musical success faster than most, releasing their first EP six months after forming and performing at the Eurosonic Festival a month after that.