Extra Golden's "Thank You Very Quickly" Out Today!

The cross-continental project Extra Golden release Thank You Very Quickly, their third album, through Thrill Jockey today. The group's follow-up to 2007's Hera Ma Nono deals with the bee's nest of economic and political problems facing Kenya. Extra Golden expertly wrap the serious undertones in dance-able exotic melodies, giving you a release you can use to spark deep pondering or a dance party.

Thank You Very Quickly has picked up a share of praising reviews. "Okay, Vampire Weekend, class is now in session! ...a feast for multiethnic guitar nerds but also a lively mix that anyone can dance to," said Spin, while Mojo wrote, "[Thank You Very Quickly], to be blunt, pisses all over the competition." Extra Golden's "Anyango" from the new album is posted below. Tour dates after the break.

Extra Golden - Anyango